The Scott County Jail is situated in Forest, Mississippi, and is overseen by the Scott County Sheriff’s Office.

The facility can hold up to 323 detainees. These prisoners range from least security as far as possible up to most extreme security detainees. There is also a work camp office that can house up to 86 least security prisoners.

The Scott County Jail is a full help office with kitchen, clothing, clinical and dental administrations. The office is furnished with a video court for first appearances, arraignments, and bond hearings.

Scott County Jail
531 Airport Road
Forest, MS 39074


Visiting an Inmate

Visitation is handled two ways:

1. Families can go to Phone Products – Securus Technologies and set up an account for persons being held in the Scott County Detention Center.

2. Use HomeWAV where families can set up a video visitation account.

Sending Mail

You can send mail to an inmate by sending it to the Scott County Jail. Make sure the inmate’s name and id number are on the envelope. All correspondence will be examined by jail staff.

Sending Money

While everything an inmate needs is provided, they often like to have extras. At the commissary, inmates can buy basic stuff like hygiene items, extra clothing, and snack items with money in their account. Money can be deposited in person via kiosks in the lobby of the sheriff’s office. Money may also be deposited online via this link.

Inmate Handbook

The Inmate Handbook can be viewed and downloaded here

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