Ride-Along Agreement

Scott County Sheriff’s Office Ride-Along

Program Instructions to Applicant

 Approved applicants shall meet the following requirements and responsibilities:

  1. Be eighteen (18) years of age or older. Any younger participants must have prior approval from the Sheriff or his designee, and a guardian’s signature of approval on the Hold Harmless Agreement.
  2. Must complete an information sheet and sign a hold harmless agreement.
  3. If under eighteen, the participant’s parent(s) must sign approval.
  4. Must present a neat, clean appearance.
  5. Follow any and all instructions by the deputy to which participant is assigned.
  6. Not interfere with the performance of the deputy.
  7. Possess no camera(s) and/or recording devices of any type without the approval of the Sheriff.
  8. Shall not leave the patrol car at the scene of any law enforcement activity to assist the deputy.
  9. The ridealong shall take place at the convenience of the operations of the department.
  10. No participant shall ride more than five (5) times per calendar year.
  11. Participants are to report to the department promptly at the assigned time of the ridealong.
  12. All participants are subject to a criminal background investigation prior to being allowed to participate in the program.
  13. Anyone with a misdemeanor conviction shall be allowed to ride with the approval of the Sheriff or Chief Deputy.
  14. Anyone with a felony conviction is prohibited from participating in the program.
  15. No weapons are permitted in the possession of the participant, unless the participant is certified law enforcement, is carrying concealed, and has prior approval from the Division Commander.
  16. Anyone may be denied participation at any time for any reason or for no stated reason. 

To report an emergency, call 911 (where applicable) or your local law enforcement office. This form is for non-emergency contact only. We will contact you once we have received your submission, if your contact information is provided. If you do not hear from us in 24 hours, please call our office.

Participant Information Form

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