Self-Reporting Form Instructions

This is an unofficial Sheriff’s Office Report. These reports are reviewed to determine if an official report will be completed.   Your incident must have occurred within the limits of Scott County.  This form may be completed if one of the following incidents occurred within limits of Scott County. Please see brief descriptions of each below.

Animal Complaint = includes barking dogs and other animal complaints.

Credit Card Fraud = your credit card was used at a physical location within the county, had an item shipped to an address within the county, or services obtained within the county (Not online).  If you choose, you may forgo reporting this incident to us and report it directly to the Federal Trade Commission at (You also need to report the fraud to the credit card company

Other things this that can be reported directly to the FTC:

  • Identity theft to include credit card and utility bills
  • Fraudulently filed taxes
  • Personal information exposed in a data breach

Information = In some cases, the Scott County Sheriff’ Office will complete an information report to document some events.  These are limited to Scott County residents and/or events that occur within our county.

Private Lot Accident (After the Fact) = this is a motor vehicle accident that occurs in a parking lot of a business within the county limits.  These are not accidents that occur on the roadway including vehicles that are hit while parked on the street

Shoplifting/Embezzlement = incidents must be filed by an employee of the business and it must be from a business within the county limits.  This offense could be a misdemeanor depending on the value of the merchandise.

Telephone Harassment = incidents that involved threatening calls, indecent calls, or repeated phone calls/hang up calls.  This offense is a misdemeanor.  We cannot arrest people outside the state of Mississippi.

Theft of property = your property was stolen from a location within the county.

Vandalism = your property was damaged at a location within the county.

*Not all file and photo attachments are supported. Photo attachments supported are jpg, jpeg, bmp or png

If you receive an error in submission, try again without the attachment. Be sure to note that you have photos/documents and you will receive instructions on submission when you are contacted.

The completion of an online report form does not guarantee an actual report will be completed.  Some events can be resolved by other means.


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